Toronto to Edmonton Flights

Toronto to Edmonton Flights

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Toronto to Edmonton Flights

Booking air tickets can be complicated at times. There are venues for which you can book tickets very easily while there are some which take more effort and perseverance. However, if you are contemplating booking tickets from Toronto to Edmonton flights then you have nothing to worry about there are plenty of options and you can opt for the one as per your liking

Of late one Canadian city that has captured the imagination of a large number of people who want to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous city is Edmonton. The beautiful West Edmonton Mall and the new Royal Alberta Museum as well as the Winspear Centre, Fort Edmonton Park, Muttart Conservatory, World Waterpark, Elk Island National Park, William Hawrelak Park, Jasper National Park & the Canadian Rockies etc. Edmonton is also renowned as the Gateway to Canada’s North. With so many fabulous attractions, it really should not come as a surprise that there are quite a few cheap flights from Toronto to Edmonton

However, what should not be forgotten is that though there are quite a few flights from Toronto to Edmonton it would be in the best interest of the travellers to book their tickets in advance as their rates increase as the departure date nears.

Toronto to Edmonton Flights - Travel Insight

There is nothing in the world that comes anywhere close to spending time with the family. And, when it comes to taking your near and dear ones on a vacation to a city like Edmonton then the experience simply cannot be beaten. People should also not forget that they can book round-trip tickets for less than a single-trip flight between Toronto and Edmonton. And if you book your tickets in a promotional event or a sale then you can buy them for even less.

Non-stop Flights

There are quite a few non-stop flights between Toronto and Edmonton. It might come as a great surprise to many that there are almost 173 direct flights between Toronto and Edmonton.

A few of the major airlines that offer direct flights between Toronto and Edmonton include:

  • • WestJet
  • • Porter Airlines
  • • Flair Airlines
  • • Air Canada
  • • Air North

Layover Flights

There are quite a few layover flights between Toronto and Edmonton giving people ample options to choose the flight of their choice.

Some of the airlines that run layover flights between Toronto and Edmonton include:

  • • Air Canada
  • • WestJet
  • • Flair Airlines
  • • Delta Air Lines
  • • United Airlines
  • • American Airlines

Airports in Edmonton

There are a couple of modern and updated airports in Edmonton that match international standards. Powered by modern features that guarantee optimum passenger comfort. Both these airports are discussed below.

• Edmonton International Airport - It is the most prominent airport that serves the Edmonton metropolitan area and Central Alberta. The airport is used by both the domestic and international airlines. There are quite a few amenities and facilities for the travellers at this airport.

• Edmonton City Centre Airport - This airport was mostly in use for general aviation and charter flights. However, the commercial use of the airport was ceased in 2013. Today, the airport is being redeveloped for other purposes.

Airports in Toronto

There are a total of two airports in Toronto both of which match the global standards. Both these airports are mentioned below.

• Toronto Pearson (YYZ): This two-terminal airport is the most prominent international airport in Toronto and is also the busiest.

• Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ): Located on Toronto Island, Billy Bishop Airport mostly conducts domestic flights within Canada as well as some short-haul flights to some locations in the US.

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