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Premium Economy Class

Premium economy flights are meant for travellers who have an eye for comfort but who do not want to splurge money on business class. These people now can opt for such seating arrangements and fly to their destination in comfort and without any hassles. What makes the entire deal so attractive is that you can earn yourself considerably more amenities at little extra cost. Indeed, with bigger and more comfy seats as well as a range of extra amenities, the premium economy class will transform your journey into a posh and polished experience.

Decoding Premium Economy Flights

Broadly speaking, it can be stated that premium economy flights are a seating arrangement that can be clubbed between economy and business class. The flyer therefore can expect a better flying experience than what would he experienced had he been flying in economy class. Fast gaining popularity as cheap premium economy flights, such flights offer facilities like additional legroom, expansive seats, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, sumptuous onboard food menu, and superior in-flight entertainment system etc. and are much in demand amongst the masses.

Economy Vs Premium Economy

These are two different seating arrangements offered by airlines with the premium economy being better than economy class. Some of the points that make the premium economy a better option than economy class are explained below.

  • Cost: Economy class indeed comes at a cheaper rate but the facilities offered in premium economy class are far more and therefore its prices are higher than economy class but lower than business class.
  • Seat Size: Not only are they bigger and wider in size but premium economy seats are also strategically located and in many cases also have access to separate toilets with smaller lines. They also come with extra recline and footrests.
  • Amenities: Amenities in economy class are very basic whereas they are much improved in the premium economy class with superior meals, enhanced luggage allowance and more entertainment options.
  • Services: Travellers in premium economy class are entitled to better services which might include priority boarding, personalized cabin crew, priority check-in, lounge access etc.

Advantages of Premium Economy Air Fare Deals

Premium economy airfare deals come with several advantages. Prominent amongst them are mentioned below.

  • Optimum Comfort: The seating in this category comes with larger seats, enhanced legroom, adjustable headrests, additional recline, leather upholstery, larger screens, headrests footrests etc. These features make for a superior flying experience and are particularly helpful during longer flights.
  • Priority Services: Some airlines may also offer priority services which might include priority boarding, check-in, as well as baggage handling which make for convenience during the flights.
  • Entry to Premium Lounges: In some instances, premium economy passengers are allowed access to airport lounges with complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and other amenities which make for a relaxed and peaceful pre-flight experience.
  • Superior Amenities: Passengers in this category are offered upgraded amenities like better meals, complimentary beverages which might also include alcoholic drinks on certain airlines, amenity kits as well as more entertainment options.
  • Exclusivity: The premium economy section, in most cases has fewer seats, than economy class transforming the atmosphere into a more exclusive and select environment.

Airlines that Offer Premium Economy Facilities

The acceptance of facilities like these has resulted in more and more airlines including them on their flights. Some of the airlines that offer such facilities include

  • United Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Qantas Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • Eva Air
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air France
  • Aeroflot
  • Japan Airlines
  • Virgin Australia
  • China Airlines

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