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About Traveljunction.ca

Traveljunction.ca is an online company offering online travel products and services. Traveljunction.ca is a part of FLIGHTS & HOLIDAYS UK LTD (Company Reg No.: 09162028, VAT No.: 204729911).

More than thousand customers have already booked their FLIGHTS & HOLIDAYS UK LTD with us and benefited from our expertise, discovering economy, value for money and making huge savings. As a travel solution provider, we have made our mark in a crowded and opaque market place by delivering what our customers have asked for.

We are transparent and dedicatedly working towards customers query. Our hugely experienced, loyal and friendly staff truly understand the market and your needs and our reputation has been built on long established and carefully nurtured relationships with our travel partners.

Cheapest Fare

We are specialist in providing discounted rates, we offer competitive prices for air travel, inclusive tour packages, Premium, Business and First class travel, HOTEL ACCOMMODATION, car hire and last minute getaways.

We have association with more than 150 International airlines which enables us to offer you a customized package with the best market rates, meeting your personal vacation requirement and giving you the ultimate travel solutions.

When you've been doing it as long as we have you stand a good chance of learning what's important in business. After so many years of observation and experience, we've learned that you need really good technology, fast, accurate and friendly.

We've learned that no matter how honest you are you need to prove that you've got the government credentials to make the point.

We've learned that investment in good staff pays dividends; commitment to training solves problems before they happen and most importantly we've learned that our customers need looking after. So we look after you really well because it just makes sense really! Thank you for being member of Traveljunction.ca family!

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