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Quebec really feels like a nation in the greater Canadian sea, an Island of French-speaking linguistic and cultural identity. Of course, Canada has its interplay of wildness and cosmopolitanism, but Québec's spirit of terroir, its language and its enthusiasm for every aspect, from winter snow to food, is another 'else' that encompasses north and European identities.

Québec City are lively city with the perfect blend of elegance and play and preserved historic neighbourhoods tucked away in the city. The rustic charms of ancient Québec are spread over the Eastern Townships, and the tables of the stellar restaurants in the region produce from the bucolic Charlevoix. The crude outdoors pass these animal comforts: the unblemished Gaspé Peninsula's jagging coasts, the vast taiga and tundra of the northern coast and the windy Îles de la Madeleine isolation.

The best time to visit Quebec City

Quebec City is best to visit in the summer, when the weather is good for spending a walk through the old town and enjoying the numerous outdoor terraces in the numerous restaurants. If you love winter sports and attractions, Quebec City is a top place of frosty fun in the country, but be warned: abundant snow and freezing temperatures are a matter of certainty.

Attractions of Quebec City

  • Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec - Spend at least half a day visiting this unique Museum of Art, one of the best in the province. The exhibitions range from the early French colonies to contemporary Québec artists with single halls entirely devoted to giants such as Jean-Paul Lemieux, Fernand Leduc and Jean-Paul Riopelle from the 20th century. The highlight of the museum is perhaps the Brousseau Collection of Inuit Art which comprises a selection of 100 works by 60 artists on the top of the Pierre Lassonde Pavilion.
  • Forillon National Park - This beautiful park at the north-eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula is where the mountains sink into an ocean full of whales. You may feel like you have really reached the end of the world while walking on the sea cliffs, seeking offshore whales and seals or large blue herons on dinosaur-like wings. You could spy porcupine, deer, moose, fox or even bear along the forested slopes inside the park. There are two main entrances where you can pick up maps. One is on the north side of the park at L'Anse au Griffon, and another on the south side of the park at Penouille, on the east side of the River au Renard at Rd 132.
  • La Citadelle - Over 2.3 sq km of space, the largest fort in North American began in 1750 by the French but what we see today was built over 30 years ago in 1820 by the British to defend North America from an unprecedented American invasion. The King's Bastion and the reduction used as military jail later take you through numerous historical structures during an hour of guided tour. Follow on your own to visit the museum of the Royal 22e Regiment.

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