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There are more famous Windsors in the globe, but this is the Windsor of Canada. Despite the lack of a castle or a Royal, this border town is a lot of fun, with a lively downtown area, a student population, and plenty of natural and historic attractions nearby. There are a surprising number of things to do in Windsor, Canada, including old manor residences, large bridges, and whiskey tours. You'll need some insider knowledge – a little help seeing what's what – if you want to get a better understanding of this fascinating city. As a result, we've put up a list of the oddest things to do in Windsor, Canada. From a bizarre planned 100-year-old town for employees of a whisky distillery to soaking in the ornate architecture of the university here, we're providing you with a guide to the coolest and most under-the-radar sights and sites you can find here. We've taken care of everything for your vacation to Windsor.

Let's begin from the beginning, as usual. The top things to do in Windsor are the sights and experiences that every Detroit day-tripper must see, as well as the things that you must not miss when visiting Windsor, Canada.

Attractions in Windsor

Eat ALL of the Poutine

If you ever find yourself in Canada, you must try Poutine. French fries are covered with cheese curds and gravy is poured (or slathered) on top. That's correct. These delectable morsels are one of Canada's most popular snacks, and they're especially filling after a night of drinking. Finding the best poutine in the world is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Windsor, Canada.

Spot the Ambassador Bridge from the Riverfront Trail

The 90-year-old Ambassador Bridge, which connects the United States and Canada across the Detroit River, was built in 1929. Of course, borders being what they are, crossing back and forth over the bridge isn't easy. Yes, the bridge connects the two countries, but you don't have to cross it to appreciate its beauty. Take a stroll down the Riverfront Trail and take in the sights and sounds from the water's edge for one of the greatest things to do in Windsor, Canada. Around the journey, you'll also come across some very spectacular sculptures sprinkled along the river (but more on that later).

Learn all about Windsor’s whisky

You might not have imagined, but sampling Windsor's whisky is one of the most traditional things to do in the city. It turns out that this town is known for its whisky, and there are a slew of distilleries where you can sample some of the good stuff for yourself. For starters, there's Hiram Walker & Sons Limited Distillery, North America's largest distillery. The Windsor Club, the Canadian Club Brand Centre, and Walkerville Brewery are all worth visiting. Take a distillery tour and see why Windsor is known as Whiskytown!

The best time to visit Windsor

The city of Windsor has a humid continental climate, therefore the weather is predictable. Summers, which range from May to September, are hot and humid, with frequent thunderstorms. Despite the fact that Windsor is the hottest city in Ontario, the winters remain harsh. From December to March, the cold spell lasts. Winters and monsoons coexist, with December seeing some of the largest rainfall and snowfall totals. The months of February to May, as well as September to November, are ideal for visiting Windsor. The months of June, July, and August are ideal if you don't mind the humidity. If you haven’t planned anything yet, Windsor 2023 flight deals will definitely give you incentive to make your next plan.

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