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Flights to Charlottetown, PEI – The Touch Point of Tourism

Charlottetown, the magnificent city and an all-time capital of the province of Prince Edward Island, is the busiest nerve center of trade and economic happenings, projectiled around maritime business, tourism, commerce, fish catching, dairying, and much more. Due to its high economics and fertile business ecosystem, flights to Charlottetown are quite a phenomenon throughout the year, and tourists from different genres visit and take exodus from Charlottetown Airport.

Charlottetown is also a high-profile activity center, exquisitely meant for activities related to tourism, adventure, exploration, and of course shopping. For this reason, the city earns its undue popularity and claims for natural beauty as well as extravagance.

Catch Cheap Flights to Charlottetown for a Beautiful Sight seeing Endeavor

Charlottetown is ranked among the petite provincial capital of Canada, bedecked by Victorian-era streets and a sumptuous coastal line. The sight of white-bodied cruises alternated by the scintillating shopping avenues and dining centers lend ample reasons to travel and exploit Charlottetown. Here are a few sighting points for traveling to Charlottetown:

1- Confederation Centre of the Arts

Esoteric and quite modern from the times it was constructed, the Arts centre has earned popularity for Anne of Green Gables — the Musical. The event is organized as an integral part of the Charlottetown Festival, which is held on an annual basis. The artworks of modern art Canadian artists are housed on the third floor, and being in this part means you are gradually seeping into the artistic presentations, inch by inch.

2 - St. Dunstan's Basilica

St. Dunstan's Basilica has an enriching appeal, lent to it by the red sandstone spikes. This architectural structure bears a close resemblance to the Victorian heritage of Charlottetown. The decorative basilica is a National Historic Site, settled among the biggest buildings, unique and outstandingly different, and the masterpiece of Eastern Canada.

3 - Walking Tours of Charlottetown

Victorian neighborhoods of Charlottetown present a whole new experience for the tourists as they could quickly catch the site of properly manicured parks, verdant gardens, specialized home architectures that use vertical triangular construction, and leafy parks. Visiting the Casavant Frères will bring tourists close to the moments of Anglican Church and the history shrouding it.

4 - Prince Edward Battery and Victoria Park

The full angle views of this place give a brief idea to the visitors about its strategic positioning. Likewise, the pleasure of board walking overseeing the pristine waterfront provides visitors an instant catch of garrisons with systematically arranged cannons lined up along the barracks.

Direct Flights from Charlottetown to Toronto and Montreal

If you have traveled to Charlottetown and missed Toronto and Montreal, then you have missed the fun and excitement stored in the ultra-modern cities of the new millennium. Montreal is the largest cultural hub of the French elite in Canada and outside France. The city has won popularity for being the citadel of arts, delectable cuisines, and cultural variation. Similarly, Toronto is the bustling nerve center for business activities, technology, entertainment, besides being the financial hub.

Regularly scheduled domestic flights from Charlottetown to Toronto as well as flights from Charlottetown to Montreal give a strong connecting link to the tourists. In fact, the level of convenience along these routes is astronomically high. Tourists don’t need to get messed up while booking the flight, or in anything that seems awkward and time-consuming. Flight bookings are nice, easy, and tuned-up. Check out the deals on domestic and international cheap flights to Charlottetown at the authentic online travel agency website.

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