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Flights to Miami – Explore things beyond the beaches

Miami's many shades surprise tourists. The city has much to offer beyond the beaches and nightlife. Take a flight to Miami to see the city’s different sides. It is a treasure trove for visitors. Even without beaches, Miami possesses enough charm to lure travelers. Whether it is the art deco pleasures lining the Miami Beach, tropical gardens, and world-class cuisines the city is a great escape. Art Deco hotels from the 1930s lined the famous Ocean Drive. These hotels along the Ocean Drive showcase the rich art-deco style laden with stunning artistry. Restored extravagantly, these artistic masterpiece hotels are a playground for locals and tourists with terrace pools, aesthetically designed hotel rooms, and nightclubs.

Miami’s love for art manifests in the form of museums, art galleries, and art deco structures scattered throughout the city. Miami is always inclined to create something unique that excites people, whether it is art or food. The cuisine here is a blend of west and east. At night the city comes alive, and the magic unfolds with a salsa dance and rooftop bars offering a stunning view of the Biscayne Bay. The gleaming skyline of Miami at night is a sight to behold. Not just art, cuisine, and nightlife, but the outdoors also matches with scintillating beaches and azure sea water. Where in the morning people go out for a jog and evening time is revered for a romantic stroll. Plan a vacation to Miami and visit these below attractions for an unforgettable stay.

Art Deco Historic District

The Art Deco historic district on the Miami Beach sometimes overshadow the seashore. These stunningly designed hotels painted in soothing pastel colors and brightly lit neon lights outside have been in the front cover of many travel magazines. For a first time visitor he will be surprise to see the pastel color art deco building from 1930-1940s. The entire district built in 1925 after a hurricane devastated the area. Many of the restaurants and hotels at the historic district are restored. If you are in Miami, consider staying at any of these hotels lining the Ocean Drive thoroughfare loved for their art deco style and hospitality. Or you want to appreciate the ambience, and food fine dine option is also available.

South Beach

Boarding cheap flights to Miami is a good idea for a beach getaway. The South Beach or fondly called SoBe is a place to be when visiting Miami. The lively beach allures tourists, and it is where locals will spend most of their time sun soaking and enjoying the sea breeze. Soft sand and warms sea water make a deadly combination, where people swim for hours and then lie down sunbathing for hours. The beach is in proximity to the famous Ocean Drive, famed for its art deco hotels and restaurants. If you are little tired and looking for delicious food then visit any restaurant at the Ocean Drive thoroughfare to enjoy a hearty feast. South Beach is also the venue for multiple festivals and events that takes place throughout the year. During the day it is place to stroll and swim, and at night a perfect place to dine and try the favorite salsa step.

Miami Seaquarium

If you love to see unique and giant sea creatures Miami Seaquarium is the place to visit. Situated in the downtown Miami, the 38-acre Oceanarium is filled with various underwater sea attractions like killer whale, dolphins, seals stingrays, penguins and more. The place is popular for organizing several animal shows for the visitors. Close encounters with animals will charge additional fees. These encounters include interacting with penguins, dolphins and seals. The aquatic facility is a great place to visit especially with the kids.

Hobie Beach/Windsurfer Beach

Hobie beach also known as windsurfer beach because the beach has been hosting a local windsurfing event for the past twenty years. Now, leave that aside. The beach located off the Rickenbacker Causeway is the most pocket friendly beach in Miami. Most beaches in Miami are known for high parking charges, costly restaurants and miscellaneous prices that dampens the beach outing. But amazingly the Hobie beach is popular for going easy on pocket. The beach is perfect to spend the day, swim and soak the sun. It is a dog friendly beach, so don’t get confused when you see them wandering and swimming with you in the sea.

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