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Flights to New York - Fly to the most photographed city in the world

New York is the darling of travelers, art aficionados, and culinary connoisseurs. The magical city allures millions of visitors each year, which means there is a high demand for flights to New York. It is a year-round destination entertaining visitors from around the globe. For many New York is the cultural, media and financial epicenter and to a large extent has a noteworthy influence on the world's entertainment, tourism, politics, sports, arts and fashion. The city is made of five boroughs namely Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Located in one of the biggest natural harbors, the city's history goes back to 1624 when it was founded as a trading post by Dutch colonists.

On the world tourist’s map, New York is right on the top of the list. Numerous monuments, museums, art centers adorn the city’s landscape. The world-famous Times Square, Broadway Theater District, Empire State Building, Central Park, United Nations Headquarters and Brooklyn Bridge are some of its well-known attractions. In terms of people, the diversity is mind-blowing and linguistically it is one of the most diverse cities with over 800 languages spoken by New Yorkers. Home to the largest number of billionaires in the world, New York is all about doing things on a large scale. There is diversity in every sphere and food is not behind. Restaurants, food carts and high-end dining locations serve dishes from world over.

Statue of Liberty

The statue needs no introduction. It is one of the most visited statues in the world. Visitors throngs in millions to see the gigantic Neo-classical statue. Situated on the Liberty Island, visitors will have to take a ferry ride to the statue. The statue is a gift from France to the US. Though entry to the park is free, but there is a charge for a boat trip, which takes visitors to the island. Special tickets are required to climb up to the base, pedestal and to the crown of the statue. It is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the day with family and friends when vacationing in New York.

Times Square

Times Square, a well-known tourist attraction in New York, draws over 50 million people each year. Many tourists are allured to book cheap flights to New York only to experience what it is like to be in the Times Square. The lively square is known for its brightly lit huge advertisement billboards and energetic outdoor ambiance. It receives over 300,000 pedestrians each day most of them tourists, and over 400,000 walk through the Time Square daily. On New Year’s Eve, Times Square attracts millions of revelers to celebrate and welcome New Year. Earlier the site was known as Longacre Square, later in 1904, Times Square was renamed after the New York Times, when it shifted to the newly built One Times Square Building. A most sought-after tourist attraction and a must-visit when in New York.

Fifth Avenue

Termed as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, Fifth Avenue draws shoppers looking for an extravagant shopping spree. Apart from the high-end shops, the area is well-known for its museums and art galleries. “Millionaires Row” on Fifth Avenue features a high concentration of mansions. Another street parallel to Central Park is named "Museum Mile" because of several museums lining the street. Shopping here is on the expensive side, still, visitors can walk the streets exploring the area and discovering other attractions. Close to Fifth Avenue is Central Park perfect to rejuvenate and relax after finishing the day-long exploration of the area.

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