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In the southern part of New Brunswick, there is a beautiful city called Moncton. With multiple flights to Moncton many tourists visit this place annually for an amazing escape. There are several reasons to visit this wonderful city. This city gives you access to Prince Edward Island, the Bay of Fundy, and Shediac. It is also a home to a magnetic hill. This shows that there are several places to visit and many activities to be done.


Winters are very cold, and the temperature can go down to -9 degrees Celsius. This is also considered as an off-season because not many tourists like to visit during this time. Summers are very pleasant in this city. The temperature is between 24 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius.

Getting around

Moncton is one of the best cities in Canada for cycling. You can rent a bicycle here and go around in the city. However, at the same time, there are other ways of transport too, like buses and cabs.


This place is considered safe for travellers. However, every individual still needs to take the basic precautions. Ensure that you don’t hitchhike, avoiding travelling alone at night. It has been seen throughout the world that the crime rate increases after


Many of us like to have a cup of Coffee at night because it helps to stay awake. You can visit Epoch Chemistry, which serves amazing Coffee, that will help you to be caffeinated. In case you want to visit a bar, then you can even visit that, because there are several bars and clubs for nightlife. Some of them are St. James’s Gate, Plan B Lounge, Laundromat Espresso Bar, Igloo Beverage Room and many more.


As a food lover there is a lot you can try. Several restaurants will help you to explore different cuisines. Whether it is eastern or western, you can enjoy any of it. Moxies Moncton Restaurant, Gusto Italian Grill & Bar, The Keg Steakhouse, Cactus Restaurant, and there are many others too.

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