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Flights to Maldives

Land of pristine beaches, towering palm trees, sculpted coral reefs, luxurious resorts, Maldives is dotted with a range of beautiful attractions that lure tourists from around the world. The place is particularly popular amongst newlyweds and beach and water enthusiasts who can go snorkelling and catamaran sailing. The couples, on the other hand, can enjoy a candlelit dinner while the shopaholics can go on shopping sprees in the popular markets of the place. Maldives also has several delectable local cuisines which the visitors love to gorge on. And for all those who love to spend their day on the beaches, Maldives has a large spread of fabulous beaches where they can just laze around and watch the beauty of the setting sun. Indeed, the island country has something for every taste and therefore it is high on the priority list of travel enthusiasts around the world. No wonder then that there are plenty of flights to Maldives and if you want to visit this fabulous place then all that you need to do is to hop on to the cheap flights to Maldives and fly to your dream destination.


There are a total of 18 airports in Maldives. 5 of which are international. The airports here are a blessing for any tourist as the islands in Maldives are scattered far apart and the airports play a major role in connecting the remote islands.

Some of the prominent airports are listed below.

Hanimaadhoo International Airport

Managed by Maldives Airport Company Limited, the Hanimaadhoo International Airport at one point in time was a domestic airport. However, it was elevated to the status of an international airport in 2012. There is a single runway at the airport here that conducts both domestic and international flights.

Maafaru International Airport

Came into existence in 2019, The Maafaru International Airport in Maldives serves majorly the Noonu Atoll region of the country. The runway at the airport is spacious which can accommodate the biggest of the airplanes.

Gan International Airport

Located on Gan Island, the Gan International Airport was once under the control of the Royal Navy but is today operated by Addu International Pvt. Ltd. Gan International Airport has also served as a military airbase during the Second World War. If you are planning to spend some quality time with your partner on an isolated island then Can Beach is where you should be headed.

Kaadedhdhoo Airport

The Kaadedhdhoo Airport came into service in 1993 and is managed by Maldives Airport Corporation. A domestic airport, Kaadedhdhoo Airport offers only domestic flights and the passengers can hire speed boats for a smooth transfer from the airport.

Thimarafushi Airport

The Thimarafushi Airport serves the Thaa Atoll region in Maldives. It was opened to the public in 2013 and was inaugurated by Mohamed Waheed Hassan, the then President of Maldives.

Maldives International Airport Facilities

A range of facilities are made available at the Maldives airports which make it an absolute joy to visit the country. Some of the prominent services offered at the Maldives airports are:

Health Care Centre

A round-the-clock health care centre, equipped with a chemist, First Aid and minor health emergencies are available at the terminal building. The healthcare facilities are managed by the Health Ministry of Maldives.

Infant and Mother Care

There are also facilities for pregnant women and newborn babies at the airport. A public relations officer at the information counter is posted there to help such passengers.


A baggage trolley is available in Departure as well as Arrival lounges free of charge at both International and Domestic passenger terminals. Wheelchairs and stretchers are also available at the Customer Service counters.

Free Shower Room

The shower rooms are also available at the airport and can be used by travellers for freshening up.

Prayer Room

A prayer room is also available on the 1st floor of the departure terminal.

Post & Telegraph

The post office at the airport is situated close to the departure hall entrance and is open from 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM or till the last flight has taken off.

International and local calls

You can make local as well as IDD calls from the cash and credit card phones which are available at the terminal building.

E-mail and Internet facilities

Passengers can use both e-mail and Internet facilities which are available near the terminal building.

Airlines Serving

Many airlines fly from Maldives to Canada. Some of the important ones include

  • • Turkish Airlines
  • • Emirates
  • • American Airlines
  • • British Airways

Different Ways to Make the Bookings for Maldives

There are different ways to make flight bookings. Read below.

  • • You can book yourself a seat by connecting with your preferred airline.
  • • You can also make the booking from the airline’s website by filling in the requisite information.
  • • You can also book tickets to Maldives through an airline travel agency.
  • • You can also make your booking through your preferred airline’s counter from the airport.

Booking Tips

A few tips can go a long way in helping you with your flight booking. These include:

  • • The best way to avail maximum discount while making a flight booking to Maldives is by booking your ticket at least a couple of months early and avoiding last minute flights to Maldives.
  • • You should also avoid making the bookings on the weekend for they are more expensive than weekday bookings.
  • • Subscribing to the newsletter of the airlines would also be a good idea to lay your hands on discounts. The newsletters offer quick notifications about the latest offers and can help you in getting cool discounts.
  • • Opting for a low-cost carrier will also mean that you spend less on your flight than splurging on expensive airlines.

Seasonal Consideration

Before visiting Maldives it is important to know the best time to visit the place so that you enjoy your outing to this fabulous country. The best time to visit Maldives is between December and April which also happens to be the peak tourist season in Maldives.

Traveller’s Guide for the Maldives

Some important points that every traveller planning to visit Maldives must know to include:

  • • Between December and April is the best time to visit Maldives according to the weather.
  • • Between May and November is the best time to visit Maldives in terms of prices. However, don’t expect the prices to be rock bottom.
  • • Maldives is a paradise for beach and water enthusiasts.
  • • Maldives offers lip-smacking cuisines visitors just fall in love with.

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