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Inuvik is considered one of the largest communities in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The region where it is located is called the Beaufort Delta Region. It is certainly a brilliant place. It is a town which maintains good medical facilities, and connectivity for the people, which is the reason it is easy to find cheap flights to Inuvik. This town is located in a forest, which is the boreal forest. It can be easily said that this town is in the middle of greenery and covered with nature. This town is known for its beautiful Church that is the Igloo Church.


It is a very cold place. The temperature at this place drops down to -22.8 degrees Celsius. If it is too cold then the temperature can even drop down to -31 degrees Celsius. Summers are only for four months here in this town, and the maximum temperature is only 20 degrees Celsius. It means even if you’re coming here in the summer, then you also need to carry a jacket, especially during the evening.

Getting around

Cabs are the main mode of transport for the people of this town. As a pedestrian, you’re also going to enjoy covering the distance by walking. To book a cab you only need to get in touch with the taxi service company, and then you’ll be able to roam around.


Inuvik is one of the safest towns you can come across. However, still a person should always take the basic precautions that are important. Ensure that you have the company of someone when you move at night. At the same time, you can even download a tracking application, in this manner, your family will be able to track you.


For nightlife, this town is ready to offer you some nice bars and pubs. The names of some of those are The Trapper Pub, Alestine's, The Roost Restaurant, Mamaqtuq, and many others.


As a food lover if you’re planning to try different types of foods, then this place has a lot to offer. You have to ensure that you don’t miss out on these.

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