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Flights to India – Fly to the land of diversity and spirituality

Culturally diverse, geographically gorgeous and spiritually rich, India evokes a host of emotions. A vast country cherished for its thousand years of history is catching fast to be in the league of developed nations. From ancient to medieval-era history followed by two centuries of colonial rule, the country has risen to become one of the most sought-after in the world tourism domain. Millions of tourists visit India every year to experience what the country is all about. India is so vast that it is a year-round tourist destination. An individual planning to travel the country can book flights to India to experience the organized chaos. From the soaring Himalayas in the north to the long coastline of the South, the Thar Desert of Western India or the plateau of Central India, the country's landscape is a treasure trove for tourists.

Diversity is at the core of India, whether it is food, clothing, language, religion or topography, the country is always ready to surprise travelers. Diversity is also visible in the cuisine, where every state has its own unique and lip-smacking dishes. Sometimes traveling just 100 kilometers and the slight difference in cuisine and language is easily visible. This is possible only in India. Whether it is food, people, religion or landscape, there is so much variety that a tourist will have to keep open all its senses to experience and feel the aura. So, when in India visit these incredible tourist attractions to make the trip unforgettable.


The magnificent city is fondly called the Venice of the East, because of the large concentration of man-made lakes. The beautiful city founded by Maharana Udai Sing in 1553, was also designated as the capital of the Marwar Kingdom. Home to several artificial and beautiful lakes perfect to enjoy a scenic boat ride, especially in the evening. Besides lakes, the city is home to several stunning palaces like the Lake Palace, Monsoon Palace, and Jag Mandir. Almost all of these palaces have now been converted into high-end heritage hotels, catering mostly to the jet setters. A walk down the city is a great way to explore the hidden wealth of gems while relishing the local delicacies. Not to miss the ancient temples loaded with intricate artifacts and architecture. Fly to this beautiful city located in India's "Thar Desert" for an unforgettable royal vacation.


Long before Beatles came to Rishikesh, this spiritual town for thousands of years has been attracting yogis and spiritual seekers from all over the country. Nestled on the banks of the holy river Ganga, contemporary Rishikesh has become a popular tourist hub. The holy city also known as the Yoga Capital of the world, is known for its scenic beauty, yoga ashrams, temples and adventure sports. Once a laid-back hill town, now has become a famous tourist escape, where tourists from across the country and world come to for yoga and spirituality. To youngsters working in Delhi/NCR region, the town has become a quick weekend escape. It is also the sole reason that people desperately look for cheap flights to India, to come to Rishikesh and experience the spirituality.


Undisputedly, the Party Capital of India, Goa a tiny southern state is famed for its energetic beaches and fading hippy culture. The state is a blend of Goan-Portuguese culture and this has influenced the local people’s food habits and lifestyle. From its Portuguese architecture-built Cathedrals to spicy seafood, Goa is truly a vacation destination for all. During the daytime, beaches are the major attraction where all the fun is happening. But at the night, clubs and disco pub is where you will find the majority of the tourists spending their evening. Goa is truly a revelers paradise, where fun and adventure never ceases.

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