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Flights to Australia – Fly to the Land Down Under

Australia is an enormous country, and to some it is a continent. Flights to Australia is your chance to explore this massive land mass, also called "Land Down Under". Australia is known for its vast outback and cities nestled along the beautiful coastline. For many tourists Australia is a modern-day world. But as you travel into the wilderness and outback, old art engraved on stone walls of the Kakadu National Park verifies that the land belongs to the aboriginals. The native inhabitant of Australia still rule the land, but modern generation has started to move to the cities for a better life.

Multiple Australia flights fly daily packed with tourists eagerly looking forward for an unforgettable getaway. Cities in Australia are known for their beaches as the majority of them are settled along the beautiful coastline. Bondi Beach in Sydney attracts surfers and is a great place to swim and soak up the warm sun. Melbourne is known for its fashion, café lined streets and its love for bikes is no secret. Darwin amplifies the rich diversity where Aboriginal and South Asian cultures intermingle with each other. Art enthusiasts can stroll Hobart’s streets enjoying contemporary art and rich Gothic history. When it comes to adventure Australia is second to none. The Great Barrier Reef is known for its warm waters ideal to dive to explore the rich colorful marine life. Spot the whale at the Great Australian Bight or hop on the jeep to drive the beautiful coastal highways for unlimited fun and adventure.

Great Barrier Reef, off the east coast of the Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is a magnificent natural structure adored for its corals, sea life diversity, and unmatched beauty. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the reef is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef, celebrated for its marine life, includes over 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays and inshore mangrove islands. The massive reef allures snorkelers, divers and swimmers to explore and enjoy the colorful underwater marine life. Travelers looking to explore the beautiful sea life can hop on the boat with glass floor or underwater viewing stations to make the visit unforgettable.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory

The park is a must-visit in Australia, it offers a peek into the aboriginal culture, people and tradition. It is famous for huge rocks dramatically rising above the flat plains. The red rock known as Uluru is one of the most photographed icons in Australia and attracts millions of visitors. The magnificent natural structure comes in all its glory during the sunrise and sunset when the sun rays hit the Uluru’s red sand surface. It is then the whole rock hill glows into the mesmerizing golden tint, the view is unmatched. For aboriginals, the Uluru rock is an inseparable part of their life and age-old culture. The Uluru walls feature carvings, and is also an important spiritual site for local people. Kata Tjuta, like Uluru enjoys the same respect and is also a vital part of aboriginal traditions. Within these rocks are the stories of their ancestors carried forward in the form of carvings.

Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Bondi Beach is the reason people look for cheap flights to Australia. One of the most popular coastline in the world, the Bondi Beach in Sydney is famed for its soft sand and lively ambience. The wild waves at the Bondi Sea attracts surfers both professionals and amateur to test and horn their skills. It is considered one of the best places to surf. Away from the long coastline, there are umpteen things to do. Take a walk from the Bondi to Bronte to enjoy the cool breeze and soft sand. The track filled with multiple cafes and restaurants perfect to refuel yourself. Not just for swim and surfers, Bondi is also for hosting events during Christmas and New Year eve.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales

The iconic steel bridge, also known as the “the Coathanger” because of its shape, is a must-visit tourist attraction in Australia. It is Australia’s top architectural marvel and still holds the record for being the biggest steel arch bridge in the world. One of the best things to do is to make a guided ascend to Sydney Harbour Bridge to enjoy the stunning bird’s eye view of Sydney Harbour and the city. Constructed in 1932, Sydney Harbor connects North Shore to the central business district.

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