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Calgary to Victoria flights – A city appreciated for its colonial past

Victoria, capital of British Colombia proudly showcases the glimpses of its colonial past in the form of big mansions, colonial-era gardens and architecture. In the past, Victoria was an extension of the British culture, but those days now long gone today, the city is an amalgamation of various people, culture and food. With lots of bicycles on the street, the city has taken a complete makeover. Still, the city has not lost its laid-back charm, and on any given sunny day locals love to ditch their mundane life and escape out of the city to enjoy the beautiful weather. Visit the city and explore the rich life and culture for an amazing holiday.

Named after the Queen Victoria, the city is also the oldest in the region. The city witnessed its first British settlement in 1843. Famed as the “Garden City” Victoria is one of the most visited and touristy city in the region. With so many interesting attractions, millions of tourists visit this historic city. In peak tourist season it becomes next to impossible to find Calgary to Victoria flights due to the huge demand. Explore the best of city with these below tourist attractions.

Inner Harbour

Victoria’s Inner Harbour is the place where all the action takes place. For a tourist, it is highly recommended to start discovering the city with the beautiful Victoria Harbour. It is also to be noted that the majority of the city’s attractions fall within or just a walking distance away from Victoria Harbour. Stroll the beautiful waterfront, while passing by the historical attractions like the Parliament building and Empress Hotel or stumble on the street buskers to watch them perform. The harbour is lined up with restaurants and cafes perfect to take a quick bite to re-energize, and then again resuming to explore the location. One of the most visited location, travelers fly in droves to discover the exquisite city.

Parliament Building

The Parliament Building is an architectural marvel located in the famous Victoria’s Inner Harbour area. The majestic colonial-era structure overlooks the Harbour and surrounding areas. Constructed in the 1890s, the building features an amalgamation of different European architectural styles. Take a walk and admire the architectural spectacles and history with which the structure is associated. The best time to visit the Parliament building is during the summer season. Free guided tours are available to visitors in the summer months of May to September. It is a peak tourist season and also the best time to book cheap flights from Calgary to Victoria to escape to this beautiful city.

Royal British Columbia Museum

Royal BC Museum is Canada’s finest museum showcasing a wide range of artifacts, and collections divided into three permanent galleries - First Peoples Gallery, Natural History and Becoming BC. Every gallery is of great significance and showcases an in-depth glimpse into the rich history of the region from every era. The First Peoples Gallery, located on the third floor and as the name suggests showcases the history and culture of indigenous people, and everything related to them. Likewise, Becoming BC gallery shows the history of the European settlers starting from the first ship which arrived in the region and Natural History focuses on the region’s flora and fauna from the primitive age to the contemporary world.

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