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Calgary to Kelowna Flights – Fly to a land full of fun and adventure

Kelowna has everything to make it a top destination to visit and spend a holiday. The beautiful city is nestled in the famous Okanagan Valley, British Colombia province, Canada. Encircled by mountains, parks and forests, the city is a paradise for the adventurer and outdoor enthusiasts. Located on the banks of the famous Okanagan Lake, travelers can indulge in a range of water sports activities. Whether it is hiking, boating or trekking, the destination will spoil a traveler for the abundance of choices it offers. With so many outdoor wonders promoted by frequent travelers visiting the city and through various online platforms, Kelowna has seen an increase in the number of visitors in recent years. The laid-back town is now regularly visited by tourists. Most tourists prefer Calgary to Kelowna flights because of low airfares.

A short drive from the city will take you to some of the scenic landscapes one could find in Canada. The outdoors here are amazing and all are under an hour's drive from the city center. Summer is the most suitable time to go and discover the city. It is also the peak season when several events take place in Kelowna, and plenty of sunlight ensures more time to explore the city. Downtown, the city has shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants for unlimited entertainment and fun. With so many orchids and farms in Kelowna, it makes perfect sense to visit them and enjoy the fresh local produce. Over 20 vineyards adorn the city’s landscape and offer tours and wine tasting facilities. Below are the top attractions to visit when holidaying in Kelowna.

Okanagan Lake

It is impossible to avoid the magnificent Okanagan Lake in Kelowna. The gigantic lake is a major tourist attraction and for locals, it is a recreational playground. It is one of the largest fjord lakes measuring 135 km long and having 348 km2 of surface area. The lake offers a wide range of water-related adventure activities like power boating, sailing, boating and parasailing. Many small sandy beaches adorn the lake, where locals and tourists take a sunbath and contemplate the surrounding beauty. A wide range of cruise options is also available to enjoy the beauty of the lake up close. These cruise boats offer services which include afternoon, dinner and sunset trips for an unforgettable evening.

Downtown Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna is the place to walk and experience the city. Interact with locals and enjoy delicious food or indulge in shopping as the options are many. Burgeoning with people the area offers a glimpse into the daily activities of locals. In the evening downtown Kelowna comes to life with clubs popular for the entertaining nightlife. In the summer months, the area is popular for the Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market, which is held every Sunday from morning to afternoon. Travelers visiting in the summer months can visit the market to relish fresh farm picks and home-baked goodies while sipping piping hot coffee. To get a glimpse of the downtown area travelers can book cheap flights to Kelowna from Calgary to experience it all by themselves.

Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is a melting pot of adventure, relaxation and recreational activities. The beautiful mountain park offers a stunning view of Kelowna town and consists of 235 hectares of land. Its landscape consists of dense pine trees and grassland. Wildlife such as deer, birds, grizzly bears, and salmon fish are also found in the park. Knox Mountain Park consists of ten trails offering adventure enthusiasts to hike up to the mountain summit admiring the beauty. These ten trails vary in difficulty and offer a stunning view of Kelowna city and Okanagan Lake. The park has two lookout points easily accessible by vehicle, therefore making the park a popular picnic spot and leisure point.

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