Due to high call volume, we may not be able to deliver calls on time. Hence for urgent queries, would request you to email us at info@travljunction.ca. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about our website and services.

We proud ourselves with the "Excellent Customer Reviews" we receive from our customers; however we always try to improve our services every day. Hearing what our returning traveler have to say about us which plays a important role in understanding how we can enhance our flights and holidays services, hotels and tours. We ask our customers to give us their reviews, both positive and negative. Thank you!

Thanks Chris so much

Thanks so much for Chris . You are so patient, gentle , polite , helpful and problem solver . I wanted to cancel my ticket and he helped me a lot easily, fast and least penalty. Also he gave me a good deal when I booked my ticket.I will recommend him for all my family and friends . All the best Chris . Thank you so much .

- Amal Hosni Canada

I’m very happy to working with your…

I’m very happy to working with your travel company especially working with Chris he always on top of everything any problems solve right away when I called him if he is not available he right away call me back definitely I recommend him with my friends and family again pleaser working with Chris .

- Mohammad Shirzai Canada

Professional first class service with…

Professional first class service with Henry He got me good price and good airline company Direct flight and came back to me with all informations I will use your company for future trips

- Michel Robillard Canada

I really want to thank Asher for his…

I really want to thank Asher for his excellent service. For some time I thought maybe I was subject to a scam, but his calmness and his readiness to help and ensure me that everything will be okay makes me want to do business with your agency in the future. Hope all your agents will follow his example. Thanks Asher and keep offering the best. I wish you all the best.

- Arman Pannu Canada

I booked my vacation to Orlando with…

I booked my vacation to Orlando with Chris, after looking online and through numerous travel agents in Canada which quoted me very high rates that was not affordable for me and my family Chris helped me find the best prices in the market. Thanks to Chris we are going to be able to go on our vacation to Disney world and the Bahamas, if it wasn’t for Chris this would never been possible. Thank you so much for making our dream come true. I will defiantly book through Chris for my future vacations and recommend Chris to my family and friends.

- Arman Pannu Canada

I realy appreciate Mr Hery he working…

I realy appreciate Mr Hery he working realy hard I he me a lot i would like to say thanks very much

- Nasir Nure Canada

Jessica was helpful,calm and very nice…

Jessica was helpful,calm and very nice she’s help find a better alternative for my reservation

- Patricia Canada


JUNE IS VERY HELPFUL. Very good service, and effective

- CamilleC Canada

Excellent service and a wonderful…

Excellent service and a wonderful experience with Traveljunction. Thanks for my flight booking to New York

- Advik John Canada

Great Deals

Best customer service with Mr. Henry Dawson. Always help when you need any informations or reservation with best deals! Thank you again Henry!

- Youcef Canada

Great communication by Henry Dawson

Great communication. Can’t beat prices. Henry Dawson gets me tickets at incredible prices. Very happy with his service. If there are delays, that’s fault of airlines, not him. I’ve booked a few times with him. Always a pleasant experience.

- Julle P Canada

Henry was helpful in fixing a problem…

Henry was helpful in fixing a problem for me and made an exception that helped a lot with my travel plans.

- Owen Lee Brown Canada

It is my first time to book a flight…

It is my first time to book a flight with Traveljunction. On the next day, mr. Aries Phoned me and telling me about the changes of our flight. At first, I was hesitant to communicate with. He sounds like east Indian guy. I thought to myself, he is trying to scam me.

So I blocked his number. He tried to reach my wife but my wife is working and cannot answer her phone. After work, I verified his number and the number of Traveljunction they are the same. So I unblocked his number. Now I am very happy because Traveljunction is real. I just waited from them to send the confirmation of our flight first before making this reviews.

Now thank you mr.Aries and Traveljunction for helping me to confirmed this flight and we definitely saved dollars. In behalf of my wife, my sister and her daughter, we appreciate and delighted in making business with you mr. Aries and Traveljunction.

- Alex Darao Canada

A million thanks to Chris Jordon for…

A million thanks to Chris Jordon for helping with our group flight ticket purchase. I have to admit that I was very skeptical about dealing with Travel Junction because of negative reviews. He listened to my concerns and addressed all of them. We got extremely good value for our tickets.

- Dele Oterl Canada

Excellent service

Excellent service, nice and polite person.

- Puppo Canada

Jose was efficient and diligent.

Jose was very helpful

- Carole Canada

June was really helpfull

June was really helpfull. Very kind and comprehensive. Thank you very Much!

- Puppo Canada

Excellent service

Excellent service, nice and polite person.

- Louise Kerebel Canada

Thank you Chris for your patience and…

Thank you Chris for your patience and support. I will keep your number for my next flight.

- Jaclnte Canada

Frank helped me getting my ticket

Frank helped me getting my ticket, changing it and now that the airline has cancelled the flight he is helping me with getting a refund. I am so happy with the costumer service.

- S.D Canada

Aries was very helpful in explaining…

Aries was very helpful in explaining how their company works. The website is misleading as you think you are paying what you agreed to but then you receive a call asking for more money as that offer is now not available. So buyers beware. We did get our money back because of Aries.

- Kanatagal Canada

Travel junction took very good care of…

Travel junction took very good care of us in setting up all the details for our trip. Frank was very knowledgeable and helped figure out something's we didn't even know we had to decide.

- Lonny Lindquist Canada

Thanks David for your help on the…

Thanks David for your help on the resolution on our problem for our unconfirmed flight

- Alexe Canada

June his the best she resolv my problem…

June his the best she resolv my problem tanks

- Sandra Lamoureux Canada

The service was excellent with good…

The service was excellent with good explanations without rushing anything. We will do business again. I made reservation for two of my friends at the same time and they are very happy about the overall result.

- Jean Marchand Canada

Able to solve my issue quickly and…

Able to solve my issue quickly and professionally. Thank you Aries

- Lee Canada

I found Aries to be very patient

I found Aries to be very patient, accommodating and helpful with all information provided. He was able to get flights for me and my wife in a very short time. I would not hesitate to contact him again for future travel arrangements.

- Lan Gentle Canada

Good price

Good price, vert good service

- Brigth Stefany Paz Aleman Canada

Aries was an incredible help

Aries was an incredible help in cancelling, searching and rebooking my flights today. It was excellent customer service, and very much appreciated during this hectic time.

- Stacla Canada


He was kind and tried to get the best deal for me.

- Jenna Maxwell Canada

Perfect job nice service

Perfect job nice service , from frank

- Mark Ollvler Roy Canada

Goods and efficient service

June helped me out with my flight concerns in a very professional and courteous manner thanks very much.

- Eva Canac Marquis Dumas Canada

My personal experience

I had to take the time to write about my personal experiences dealing with this company. I booked a ticket recently and got a very fantastic price. I was called the following day by Robert who informed me that the return portion of my flight was not confirmed and there would be a likelyhood that on my return I would have been on a waiting list/standby or something of that manner. We spoke for sometime on the phone and at first I was very upset because he mentioned to me that I would have to pay about a $198 for them to complete the process or something within that nature. I was a bit angered by that but he continued patiently and explained how the process worked. I thought at first that these guys were scammers and were trying to rip me off but he spent about 40 minutes with me trying to explain in full details of how the entire process worked. At first I thought that I would have lost all the money I used to pay for that ticket. The situation was very complicated to me but Robert continued even though I was very annoyed until he was able to fully explain and clarify that my money was not taken but the transaction was pending and when I called the bank it was exactly as he told me. I ask for a refund and he told me I can’t get a refund because no money was yet taken from my card so all he needed to do was to cancel the transaction. He went ahead and did just that and even went further to place a $50 voucher on my file for future purchases. I was upset at the beginning but because Robert was very patient he was able to assist me and clarify every misunderstanding that I had. This is to say that sometimes when we get upset instantly about a situation that we hear that displeases us it can throw us off track right away even when it’s not as extreme as we think it is; however because Robert exercised much patience he was able to assist me and edify me at the same time.

- Vaughan Smith Canada

Amazing service

Amazing service. They helped throughout the process of getting my tickets. Chris is a very helpful man.

- Juan Vanegas Canada

Frank helped me out with my flight…

Frank helped me out with my flight concerns in a very professional and courteous manner thanks very much

- Juan Vanegas Canada